What is stopping your business growth?

After working with several companies in recent years, We came up with various reasons why some web shops did not grow. The most important points are:

Your current system is
out dated.

Your online store has been running for several years, but you notice that the shop is slow. Maintaining and upgrading your shop is expensive.

Your current system lacks flexibility.

It easily takes a couple of hours to change small things. When it comes to making internal changes, you are limited by external developers.

Your current system
is slow.

Web stores of your competitors are much faster. Loading times of your shop are also below par.

Your platform can’t be integrated with other software.

It’s almost impossible to easily connect your shop to other systems. Integration swallows up a lot of resources in terms of time and money.

Modifications and changes take forever and are costly.

Almost all of the modification tasks have to be carried out by an external developer.

Your current partner is too small to manage the workload.

Tasks and plans aren’t carried out according to plan. Your current partner is too small to realise your growth ambitions.

Your current partner is too big.

This can mean that your business is no longer a priority for him.

Your current partner does everything you ask.

This means your partner just carries out the tasks that you give him. A good partner should actively think along and offer solutions that hadn’t immediately crossed your own mind.

Your current partner never comes up with ideas.

Without new ideas, your business will stagnate.

Our solution

Thanks to the knowledge and experience gained over the past ten years, we have managed to develop a simple process that consists of 3 steps. This process leads to continuous and stable growth. 

The best fit

Depending on your business, the maturity of your people, knowledge, systems, and technology we find you the best fit.


Transform your people and become the business you always dreamed of becoming.

Practical plan

Replatforming gives you a wonderful opportunity to transform your business. Use this opportunity wisely.

Holistic solution


The services we offer, are deeply rooted in the knowledge and experience that we have gained over the past ten years.
  • E-commece Replatforming

    Consultancy & Partner selection.

  • Magento development

    Consultancy & Partner selection.

  • Shopware development

    Consultancy & Partner selection.

  • Custom development

    Consultancy & Partner selection.

  • API integrations

Change the current situation and be more in control with your e-commerce channel.

Contact us, and we will help you to achieve the needed result

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