What is stopping your ecommerce growth?

After working with several companies in recent years, We came up with various reasons why some online stores did not grow. The most important reasons and problems are:

You don’t have a vision

Working without having a vision is useless. You might work hard, but without focus. Vision is the first step to success.

You don’t have the right people

What makes a team is bringing the right people together. 

You communicate the solution

We all love to solve a problem or over win a challenge. Communicate that, not the solution. 

There are many dependencies

You are too early and depending on many other teams or software that are not ready. 

You micro manage

Micromanaging your team members will consume their energy. Manage them, not every action they take. 

There is no leadership

Lack of leadership is directly seen in the culture. Your people will copy you. 

Our solution

There is no silver bullet and a detailed list of steps to solve your current challenges. The solution lays in the transformation of your organization. Transformation is a shift of perspective, and you need transformation drivers and enablers to spark the light.


Forming a vision, defining the right values and validating it is key to your product success.


Leadership forms the culture of your people. Create leadership at every level.


Putting the right people together makes a great team. Teams are the backbone of your product.


Let go of command & control. Enable leadership and create a movement.

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