What is stopping your business growth?

After working with several companies throughout the years, We came up with various reasons why some online stores did not grow. The most important reasons and problems are:

You do everything simultaneously.

You know what you want, but you don’t have enough manpower to achieve those goals. The result is that you want to do everything by yourself. This leads to the problem that important work is not carried out or is carried out too late, which in turn blocks growth.

You don’t have a vision or strategy.

Because of the huge truckload of daily activities, you lack the time to develop and implement a good e-commerce strategy and plan. Time passes and you still see no growth.

You don’t have enough knowledge.

Improving your shop requires knowledge of both ecommerce and the things that are going on in your core markets.

You don’t have enough resources.

You use different software tools that do not communicate well with each other. You have grown so fast that you had to compromise on quality. Therefore your system is not up to the task.

You don’t use data properly.

With different analytics programs you have collected data from customers and information about their behavior. However, you do not properly use this in your decision making. The result? Many decisions are still not backed up by solid data.

You don’t know how to optimise important components of your business.

Improving your online store requires knowledge of ecommerce. The different partners that you work with have difficulties deploying their combined knowledge to perfect your online store and customer experience.

Our solution

Thanks to the knowledge and experience that we’ve gained over the past ten years, we have been able to group the main important factors into four main steps. Follow them and you will grow.


A strong foundation lays the groundwork for online success. We take a dedicated look at your target audience, product relevance, online store, analytics and dashboards.


Without traffic to your store, we can’t do anything. We make sure that you attract the right target audience through different channels.


Thanks to conversion we can use the potential of new and existing customers. We keep things as simple as possible so that your target audience can easily understand and explore your online store.


A user-friendly store with a personalised offering keeps people aboard and makes it easier for you to build a loyal customer base.

Holistic solution


With the knowledge and experience we have gained over the past ten years. We provide you with is necessary to grow:
  • Web analytics & Dash boarding

    Become data driven and decisions easier.

  • Business intelligence

    Provide each department with the needed information.

  • SEA

    Create awareness online.

  • Conversion rate optimization

    Increase customer satification.

  • Email marketing

    Provide the right information in the right time.

  • Lifecycle marketing

    Invest in your customers and they will pay back.

  • UX Design

    Experiences matter!/p>

Change the current situation and be more in control with your e-commerce channel.

Contact us, and we will help you to achieve the needed results.

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