What is stopping your business growth?

After working with several companies in recent years, We came up with various reasons why some web shops did not grow. The most important points are:

Your current system is
out dated.

You might use legacy software that is causing you more than delivering value.

Your current system lacks flexibility.

It’s hard to modify your current system. Even small needs need a developer.

Your current system
is slow.

You see a clear difference in performance in comparison with your competitors.

Integration is complex

It’s almost impossible to integrate your shop to other systems. Integration costs much money and time.

Your current partner is not a fit

You are not on the same page with your current partner.

You are mostly busy with maintains and fixing issues.

You spend a lot of time and money keeping your system work.

Our solution

Thanks to our knowledge and experience gained in a decade of doing ecommerce, we can guide you with the development of your ecommerce channel. 

Development strategy

It’s hard to develop the rights things in the right way. We guide you to develop what truly delivers value to your ecommerce channel.

Partner Selection

We can guide you by selecting the best partner to develop your ecommerce channel.

Development Team

Depending on your current business, the vision, and the budget, we can guide you with the best team structure and methodology to develop.


The services we offer, are deeply rooted in the knowledge and experience that we have gained over the past ten years.
  • E-commece Replatforming

    Consultancy & Partner selection.

  • Magento development

    Consultancy & Partner selection.

  • Shopware development

    Consultancy & Partner selection.

  • Custom development

    Consultancy & Partner selection.

  • API integrations

Don’t change but transform…

Our partners

And more