Why ecommerce consultancy?

After working with several companies in recent years, We came up with various reasons why you should consider ecommerce consultancy: 

You have no strategy or plan.

You know what you want, but you don’t have enough manpower to do it. This ensures that important work is not carried out or is carried out too late. Because of this you see no growth.

You don’t have enough resources.

Because of the daily activities you do not have an e-commercestrategy and plan. Time passes and you see no growth.

The competition is killing it

You do not have a clear structure and / or process, as a result of which many things are not carried out rationally. You know that a clear structure will help, but your daily work will not help you.

You collect data but do not use it.

With different Analytics programs you have collected data from customers and their behavior. However, you do not use this in your decision making and many decisions are still made on the basis of intuition.

You are stuck

You use different software that does not communicate with each other. You have grown so fast that you had to compromise on quality and therefore you have a weak system.

You don’t have specific knowledge.

Improving your webshop requires knowledge of e-commerce and the latest developments. The different partners that you work with have difficulty deploying their knowledge together for your webshop.

Our solution

Thanks to the knowledge and experience we gained over the past ten years, We have been able to develop a three-step process. This process leads to a wonderful ecommerce strategy.

Deep Analysis

We take an in-depth look at your customer base, market, product relevance, online store, links, analytics and dashboards.


We guide you with the execution of our developed strategy with the right team.


We develop the right strategy for your brand and e-commerce channel.


Let go of command and control and spark the first step of transformation.
  • E-commerce StrategyWe help you develop the right strategy.
  • E-commerce PlanWe develop a detailed plan of resources.
  • E-commerce ExecutionWe execute the strategy and plan with our team.

Transformation starts with you…be the first one

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